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Breaking Weekly Digital Gridlock Tip #1: Preparing for AI

Weekly FinTech Tip: Start Planning Now to Prepare Your Organization for Artificial Intelligence


Hey everyone. Welcome to my new series. Its an accompanying series to my book, Breaking Digital Gridlock, and it’s a quick minute with a FinTech tip. If you like this, please subscribe, and onto the tips!

Artificial intelligence will replace people in your workplace, but this doesn’t mean you have to fire people.

It’s time to start thinking right now, “What important thing would you do if you suddenly had a whole bunch of resources?” Would you make more outbound calls? Would you maybe call people whose direct deposit suddenly stopped? Would you do more detailed back office work? Are there things you want to do but you just don’t have the resources or the time to do it? We may suddenly have those resources, and how would that impact your business?

The number one thing you should do to prepare for artificial intelligence in your organization is to start planning now, for what you will do with the resources it will displace.

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through this video. I hope you found the information useful. I have a book that supports all these things  called Breaking Digital Gridlock, which can be found on Amazon and anywhere books are sold.

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