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Breaking Weekly Digital Gridlock #4: Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Weekly FinTech Tip: Your Success in Artificial Intelligence Will Depend on Your Data Analytics

As you can tell, I’m here at the airport. Anybody that does anything in banking or FinTech spends a lot of time here, so I thought it would be appropriate to just do a quick intro here. If you’d like what you’re seeing, please go to my website,, where we’ll have an extensive video. If you can guess what airport I’m in, then you can win the free copy of the book, so head into the comments below and see if you can figure it out.

Your success in artificial intelligence will depend on your mastery of data analytics. Artificial intelligence depends on data to learn. This data needs to be organized and curated to create value in your organization, and so that the A.I. can consume it and get smarter.

A.I. is a function of time and scale. What I mean is that the more data you have, the quicker it will get smart, and the smarter it is, the more it can help you. If you have mastered data analytics in your organization, your road to artificial intelligence success will be far simpler.

Thanks to everyone for taking a moment to listen to my FinTech minute. I hope that you got something out of it. For more information, check out my book, Breaking Digital Gridlock, available on Amazon and anywhere books are sold.

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