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Breaking Weekly Digital Gridlock #31: Voice First

Weekly FinTech Tip: Your Future Success Depends on How Well You Implement Voice Technology at Your Institution

This FinTech Tip is brought to you by Best Innovation Group’s new CU Voice Registry. The new CU Voice Registry delivers the fastest, most efficient way to manage your voice brand on platforms like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. This is all done through one single portal. Make sure you go there and claim your name before someone else does. Visit today.

The next revolution of the internet is going to be all about voice.

Global sales of voice-first speakers and smart home hubs have exploded in the last three years. Combine this with the voice enabling of cars and appliances, and what it means is that consumers worldwide now have access to voice services.

The total U.S. adult population is currently 253 million, according to As of January 2019, there are now 66.4 million smart speakers available in the US. This is compared to January 2018, when there were only 47.3 million. This is a 39.8% growth. By 2022, according to Forrester’s research, 66 million households will have access to voice-enabled technology. How well you do with the next revolution of the internet will highly depend on how well you implement voice technology. Why? Because the future of payments will be voice.

Recently, a voice technology usage study was conducted. Here are some of the results:

  1. I ordered a physical item for the first time: 45%.
  2. I ordered a physical item I had previously purchased: 41%.
  3. I ordered a digital item like a TV show or a movie: 32%.
  4. I paid a bill, such as an electric bill or a credit card: 27%.
  5. I paid a friend back or made a person-to-person transfer: 18%.

And these numbers are only going to grow. Not only will voice help your future customers, but it allows you to cross a demographic divide that has existed in technology. Voice is allowing seniors, at unprecedented rates, to access technology that they had not figured out before. Why? Because it’s something they understand. All they have to do is talk to it. Voice is essential for your seniors. It’s also essential for your visually-impaired customers. There are nearly 10 million visually impaired Americans, and roughly 1.5 million users of assistive technologies. It’s not that hard to get in the game.You don’t have to have account access right away. You can put up the equivalent of a voice website that would answer questions like, “What time does the Jacksonville branch close?”, “What is the organization’s phone number?”, “What is the organization’s routing number?”, or “What are the current certificate of deposit rates?”

Approximately 200 names are being certified and published every day. What a name is is an invocation. When you communicate with a voice-enabled device, you need a way to communicate with your organization. For instance, if your name is “Fimax”, you want to be the only Fimax, or at least THE Fimax. On the Google platform, you have to be unique. On Amazon, you can have more than one of them, but do you really want someone else getting a hold of your famous name?

It’s time for you to register your name, even if it’s simply putting up a voice version of your website. Why? Because you need to stake your claim in this new modern voice landscape. How can you do it? You can go to Stake your claim on your valuable name today.

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