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Breaking Weekly Digital Gridlock #21: Remote Employees

Weekly FinTech Tip: Remote Employees and the Infrastructure Necessary to Support Them Are Vital to Your Organization

Fact: the talent that you will need to succeed in today’s challenging environment may not live in your immediate area.

What does that mean? It means that you will need to learn how to hire remote employees. Here’s a few things that you will need to be able to do in order to accommodate a remote employee:

  1. Can you support health insurance in states other than the one your organization operates in?
  2. Can you support payroll in states other than the one your organization operates in?
  3. Do you have the technical ability for a remote employee to do their work from their home or some other remote office?

Let’s face it, some of our organizations aren’t in the best place for a tech person to live. You may not be able to get them to move to where you are, and for that reason, you will need to be able to support remote employees.

What are the technical abilities that you will need to support a remote employee?

  1. You will need a VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network. A virtual private network allows an employee to connect from their home or a remote office as though they were onsite at your organization.
  2. You will need a chat program. It’s 2019 – you should probably already have an enterprise-wide way to chat securely amongst your employees. This should also include a secure video chat. This is important for a remote employee because a remote employee needs to be seen and to see the people they work with.
  3. You will need some way to track their work. This employee will not be onsite, and therefore will not be managed directly by someone in your organization. Fortunately, there are now tools that will allow you to monitor their work remotely. For instance, there is a product called Screenmeter, which you’ll find a link to in the notes below. Screenmeter tracks every minute that an employee works and takes a screenshot every five minutes to let you know what they were working on. So, for those of you who are concerned about the productivity of a remote employee, fear not.

Why are remote employees difficult? In my experience, I found that one of the biggest difficulties of the remote employee is that they tend to work too much. It’s too easy for them to go into the room in their house where they work and just start again after dinner. How will you deal with that? How will you make sure that a remote employee has a good work/life balance? Tools like Screenmeter will help you with that.

The other reason remote employees are so difficult to include in your organization is because you don’t have a relationship with them that’s in-person. That’s why you need to plan your budget so that at least twice, preferably three times a year, you have this employee fly out to your organization’s campus and stay for a week to be with everyone to get that face time and make that connection. Without that connection, the remote employee will eventually leave. This has been proven over and over again.

My name’s John best. I am the CEO of Best Innovation Group and author of Breaking Digital Gridlock. If you liked this tip and want to learn more, pick up my book on Amazon or anywhere books are sold.

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