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Breaking Weekly Digital Gridlock #20: Organizational Trauma

Weekly FinTech Tip: Eliminate Employee Fears to Prevent Organizational Trauma and Digital Paralysis

Organizational trauma is when a department or a section in your business experiences something bad, even though it is part of the normal course of their workday.

Something bad happens, and usually, it’s not the fault of the employees in that department or even the organization. Nevertheless, people were reprimanded or there was some sort of negative result. This is how a service or a department experiences organizational trauma. Organizational trauma leads to organizational PTSD, or Post Traumatic Service Disorder.

This trauma manifests itself as paralysis on the part of employees, who fear doing something new because of their past treatment. The key is to connect with the employees, the service group, or the department that lives in this fear to understand what they’re going through, gain their trust, and convince them that it will be different this time because you need them. You need them to help you get through this process. Only by convincing these employees that their fears will not come true can you move forward. Otherwise, you will continue to be in digital paralysis.

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